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    Second Announcement

    Workshop on Low-Level RF Controls
    For Superconducting Linacs

    Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA, USA
    April 25 - 27, 2001

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    The growing number of applications of superconducting RF (SRF) for accelerators worldwide (CEBAF, TESLA, SNS, NSP, RIA), make it appropriate and compelling to review the present state and directions of low level RF (LLRF) control systems for superconducting cavities. For many reasons, it is advantageous to collaborate on the development of new LLRF control systems and if possible to exchange hardware, code and design information that may facilitate designs.

    Jefferson Lab will host a LLRF Controls Workshop for superconducting cavities for linear accelerators. Topics to be discussed include:

    • Control of SRF cavity's field and resonance frequency in the presence of:
      • High gradient
      • High or moderate QL
      • Heavy or negligible Beam Loading
      • Pulsed or CW (RF/Beam)
      • One klystron/One cavity or One klystron/Multiple cavities
      • Relativistic or Non-relativistic particle acceleration
    • Analog vs. Digital systems: Directions, limitations
    • Feedback and Feedforward techniques
    • Design and Development Tools
    • Operability Issues

    Specific applications of interest include CEBAF Upgrade, SNS/NSP (Jaeri), RIA, TESLA, Energy Recovery Linacs (ERLs) and ERL-based FELs.

    The goals of the workshop are to:

    1. Review Present Status of SC LLRF design.
    2. Discuss immediate and future applications.
    3. Discuss common design issues such as algorithms and implementation.
    4. Initiate collaborative efforts with other institutions worldwide.

    The workshop will take place April 25 - 27, 2001 and we expect to attract 30-50 participants worldwide. The duration of the workshop will be 3 days. Plenary sessions, which will occur during the mornings, will specifically address applications and implementations. Parallel sessions, which will occur during the afternoons, will be for working group activities. Deadline to register is April 6, 2001.

    Workshop organizers: Curt Hovater (
    Lia Merminga (
    Workshop administrator: Sherry Thomas

    Questions should be addressed to:

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