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    First Announcement

    During the past year we worked very hard to commission the new, upgraded FEL at Jefferson Lab. After achieving first lasing on June 17, 2003, the impact of Hurricane Isabel took a full 2 months away from our commissioning schedule, and funding shortfalls delayed start until last September on modifications to the optical transport system to the User Labs.

    We are presently working hard to establish 10 kW operation in the 6 to 10 micron range despite the limitations of optics performance at this wavelength. We are also procuring the hardware additions to the FEL required to achieve lasing down to the 1 micron region for installation in early summer.

    With the continuing efforts of the FEL commissioning team, we plan to deliver a new FEL with considerably increased capability for the first users in mid-summer 2004. Please register for our March 10-11 Annual FEL Users' Meeting combined with our Laser Processing Consortium Meeting.

    We sincerely hope to see you all here and are planning an exciting program with several international speakers.

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