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Workshop on Free Electron Laser Applications for Biology and Medicine

June 7 - 8, 2005
Hilton Garden Inn, Newport News, VA, USA

Organized by the University of Virginia, the Harvard Mass-General Wellman Center for Photomedicine, the Eastern Virginia Medical School, and the Jefferson Lab Free Electron Laser Facility.

Lasers, since their invention in the 1960s, have been applied to numerous basic research problems in the biological and medical sciences and have also become a practical tool for a variety of medical diagnostic measurements and clinical treatments. A number of research centers in the 1990s have employed free electron lasers to exploit the unique properties of these lasers for biomedical applications. These unique properties include higher powers than available from conventional lasers, broad tunability over infrared through ultraviolet wavelengths, and short-pulse (<picosecond) time structures that maximize the transfer of laser energy to the irradiated material and allow dynamical studies at timescales appropriate for chemical interactions.

The world's most powerful and versatile free electron laser is operational at the DOE's Jefferson Lab in Newport News, VA. This laser provides up to multi-kilowatts of power in the infrared, and kilowatt class power in the far infrared, visible and ultraviolet. A versatile user facility is co-located with the FEL where experimental set-ups can be arranged to use this unique light source.

Aim and Scope
This workshop will be a forum for investigators to propose specific experiments in the biosciences that exploit the unique properties of the FEL. Example experiments will be presented by investigators who have already used the Jefferson Lab FEL or lasers that are similar in one or more parameters. Proposed experiments will be prioritized for inclusion in a collaborative proposal for funding the baseline operations of a "Laser Bioscience Center" which is planned to be added to the FEL Facility within the next two years. Support would also be solicited for related experiments at the home institutions of the investigators.

Hilton Garden Inn Newport News
180 Regal Way, Newport News, VA 23602
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The Workshop is sponsored by:
The organizers wish to thank the following for sponsoring this workshop:
University of Virginia
Harvard Mass General
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Jefferson Lab
Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA)
Princeton University
East Carolina University
College of William and Mary
Hampton Roads Research Partnership
Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology