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Agenda for February Meeting

Thursday, February 10, 2005
Morning: Setting the stage
10:00 Goals for this meeting and for April Adam Szczepaniak
10:30 Progress and future of CLEO-c David Cassel
11:00 Status of the Jefferson Laboratory upgrade Tony Thomas
11:30 Progress and future of the JLab-MIT Lattice Hadron Initiative David Richard

Afternoon: Detector sensitivities and rates
1:00 Best estimates for "glue" and "qqbar" production in J/psi radiative decay Frank Close
2:00 CLEO-c sensitivity for J/psi->gamma+(two mesons) Anders Ryd
3:00 Photoproduction cross sections at GlueX energies Andrei Afanasev
4:00 GlueX rates and acceptances for various final states Curtis Meyer

Friday, February 11, 2005
Morning: Establishing the discovery of glue
8:30 Spectrum of exotic mesons: Status of theory & experiment Ted Barnes
9:30 Current best guess for bare glueball spectrum Colin Morningstar
10:30 Glueball/qqbar mixing Frank Close
11:30 CLEO-c sensitivity to radiative decay of scalar mesons Jim Napolitano

Afternoon: Partial wave decomposition
1:00 Amplitude analysis Geoffrey Fox
2:00 Hadroproduction analyses ala E852 Alex Dzierba
3:00 Photoproduction strategies ala GlueX Richard Jones
4:00 Ways of introducing coupled channels Volker Crede

Saturday, February 12, 2005
9:00 Summary of what we've learned so far Adam Szczepaniak
10:00 Defining the agenda and (outstanding) invitations for April Jim Napolitano
11:00 Writing responsibilities and coordination for continuing the white paper Curtis Meyer