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     PMWelcome Reception
     6:30 - 8:00 Rainbow Ballroom
    Omni Newport News Hotel

    FRIDAY, DEC. 1
     AMThe Study of Hadrons: the Broad View (H. Jackson, Chair)
    8:30C. Leemann (JLab)Welcome
    8:40C. Glashausser (Rutgers)The Charge to NSAC
    9:00F. Close (Rutherford)Hadron Spectroscopy
    9:50S. Vigdor (Indiana)Open Questions in Nucleon Spin Structure
    11:00B. Filippone (Caltech)Open Questions in Medium Energy Physics
    11:50C. Meyer (CMU)The Key Scientific Issues in Hadron Physics - A report from the Sanderling Meeting

     PMHighlights since the last LRP, Part I (B. Beise, Chair)
    2:00B. Holstein (U Mass)Chiral Effective Theories: Tests and Challenges
    2:40H. Gao (MIT)Electromagnetic structure of the nucleon
    3:50D. Beck (Illinois)Weak structure of the nucleon
    4:30R. Holt (Argonne)Some Highlights in Few-Body Nuclear Physics
    5:20J. Carlson (LANL)Precision models of the NN interaction and applications

     AMHighlights since the last LRP, Part II (D. Hertzog, Chair)
    9:00Z. Meziani (Temple)Sum Rules and spin structure of nucleons
    9:40J.C. Peng (Los Alamos)Flavor Structure of Hadrons and Nuclei
    10:30Break/Poster Sessions
    10:50N. Makins (Illinois)Hadron Structure and Semi-inclusive reactions
    11:30G. Franklin (CMU)Nuclear Physics in the Strangeness Sector
    12:10S. Dytman (Pitt)N* Physics from the Crystal Ball and CLAS
    12:50Lunch/Poster Sessions

     PMThe JLAB 12 GeV Upgrade (J. Moss, Chair)
    2:00F. Close (Rutherford)Overview
    2:30A. Dzierba (Indiana Univ.)Understanding Confinement: Meson Spectroscopy and the Hall D project
    3:30V. Burkert (JLab)Nucleon Structure in the Valence Region
    4:30Break/Poster Sessions
    4:45H.P. Blok (Vrije Univ)Other major thrusts in the 12 GeV program
    5:30L. Cardman (JLab)Technical Overview of the 12 GeV Facility

     EVEContributions and open discussion (F. Myhrer, Chair)
    8:00M. Moinester (Tel Aviv)Pion Polarizability and Hybrid Meson Structure at COMPASS
    8:14D. Weygand (JLab)BNL E852 - Status of Meson Spectroscopy
    8:28R. Schumacher (CMU)Hyperon photoproduction with CLAS
    8:35C. Keppel (HU)Parton-Hadron Duality in Electron Scattering
    8:42S. Liuti (UVA)Unraveling the Low Q2 Structure of Hadrons: From Partons to Constituent Quarks
    8:49F. Klein (JLab)Search for "missing" resonances in the omega and 2-pion electroproduction
    8:56J. Peterson (Fermi)Secondary hadron beams at Fermilab
    9:03P. Stoler (RPI)Prospects of a Program of Measuring Electromagnetic Exclusive Form Factors at High t and Parton Correlations.
    9:10Open Discussion

    SUNDAY, DEC. 3
     AMFuture Collider Facilities and Hadron Beams (C. Howell, Chair)
    8:30T. Londergan (Indiana)e-p Collider Physics
    9:00A. Deshpande (BNL/RIKEN)Low x Physics with eA and Polarized ep Scattering
    9:30I. Ben-Zvi (BNL)Machine Considerations
    11:00P. Paul (SUNY-SB/BNL)AGS Hadron Beam Availability
    11:20T. Roser(BNL) AGS Beams and RHIC running
    11:40Discussion (Impact of AGS)
    12:00Prof. Kishimoto (Osaka)The Japan Hadron Facility

     PMNew Directions in Theory and Low Energy Facilities (P. Paul, Chair)
    1:45J. Negele (MIT)The MIT/JLAB Lattice Initiative
    2:35M. Savage (UW)Results and New Directions in Effective Field Theories
    3:15B. Gibson (LANL)Theoretical Needs
    3:55H. Weller (Duke)TUNL/DFELL HIGS Program
    4:15A. Sandorfi (BNL)Physics with LEGS
    4:35R. Milner (MIT/Bates)The MIT-Bates program
    5:05Discussion (Impact of these facilities)

     EVEContributions and open discussion (continued) (D. Isenhower, Chair)
    8:00H. F. Dylla (JLab)Opportunities and Benefits from Technology Transfer from the Nuclear Physics Program
    8:14M. Grosse Perdekamp (BNL)Future Transversity Measurements at RHIC
    8:21B. Gibson (LANL)Neutron-Proton Scattering
    8:28H. R. Weller (Duke)Radiative Capture Reactions below 160 keV
    8:35L. Gan (HU)Precision Measurements of the Electromagnetic Properties of Pseudoscalar Mesons at 11 GeV via the Primakoff Effect
    8:42L.C. Smith (JLab)Precision measurements of N* and Delta* transition amplitudes
    8:49S. Kuhn (ODU)Spin Structure Measurements with CLAS
    8:56C. Perdrisat (W&M)Measurement of the Proton's GEp/GMp Ratio to large Q2 at JLab
    9:03C-R. Ji (NCSU)Constituent Quark Model on The Light-Front
    9:10A. Sarty (St. Marys)Detailed studies of N* transitions using Recoil Polarization in Hall A
    9:17J. Comfort (ASU)Exploring Non-resonant Backgrounds of the Delta(1232) with Polarized Photons
    9:24M. Manley (Kent)Hyperon Spectroscopy
    9:31S. Stepanyan (JLab)First data on DVCS at JLAB
    9:38E. Smith (JLab)Electroproduction of Phi Mesons with CLAS
    9:45J. Price (UCLA)Photoproduction of the doubly-strange Xi Hyperons
    9:52Open Discussion

    MONDAY, DEC. 4
     AMEducation, Outreach, Infrastructure and the International Scene
    (E. Hungerford, Chair)
    9:00K. de Jager (JLAB)International Facilities (electromagnetic)
    9:30K. Seth (Northwestern)International Facilities (hadron)
    10:00Discussion (US effort compared to international effort)
    (R. Milner, Chair)
    10:50R. Milner (MIT)Education/Outreach and the role of Universities
    11:10L. Ware (JLab)Education/Outreach and the role of Laboratories
    11:40Discussion (University infrastructure needs)

     PMDiscussion of Priorities and Recommendations (C. Glasshauser, Chair)
    1:30Presentation of recommendations/priorities draft

    Poster Sessions (CEBAF Center Atrium, Second Floor)
    D. Peaslee (UMD)Hadron Beams For Hadron Physics (I): PBARS
    P. Pile (BNL)Hadron Beams For Hadron Physics (IV): BNL Beam Line
    M. Sadler (ACU)Investigation of Isospin-1/2 Baryon Resonances with the Crystal Ball
    H. M. Spinka (ANL)Hadron Beams For Hadron Physics (II): Kaons
    M. Mestayer (JLab)Spin Transfer in Exclusive Hyperon Electroproduction
    B. Berman (GWU)Nuclear Physics with Short-Wavelength Probes

    (If necessary to complete white paper discussion, committee will meet just after town meeting ends.)

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