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    Exclusive Reactions and Skewed Parton Distributions
    May 26, 2000

    The 12 GeV Exclusive meeting will be held next Friday, May 26, 2000 at 8:45 in A110. The afternoon session will be held in B101 and A211. There will be three plenary presentations and discussions. I suggest 1/2 hr presentation time followed by roughly 1/2 hour of discussion for each.

    After the three, we should have a strategy session.

    The agenda is as follows:

    Morning 9-12: (these may spill over into the afternoon if necessary)
    8:45 Brief comments about the scheduling.
    9:00 Primakoff Physics. Ashot Gasparian
    10:00 Deep Virtual and SPD's Michel Guidal
    11:00 Form factors. Ron Gilman

    1:00 Spill-over from the morning if necessary.
    2:00 Strategy session
    3:00 Individual group work sessions.

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