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Physics Seminar

    Physics Seminar

    Subject:"Heavy-light mesons in a QCD string model"
    Speaker:John Tjon, University of Maryland
    Date:Friday, April 1, 2005
    (Cookies & Coffee at 10:45AM)
    Place:CEBAF Center Auditorium
    Abstract: A QCD field collerator based model will be discussed, which exhibits confinement and chiral symmetry. The effective Lagrangian is of a NJL type with confinement built in. Constituent masses are dynamically obtained from the string tension and are state dependent. Properties of the mass spectrum will be presented. The effective Lagrangian is applied to study the heavy-light quark system. Effects of coupled channels on the recently discovered narrow DS*(2317) and DS*(2632) mesons are studied to see whether one can accomodate these mesons as radially excited states of a c and s_bar quark.

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