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2003 Physics Seminars

Speaker Title Date
A. D. Krisch, Spin Physics Center, University of Michigan Violent Collisions of Spinning Protons Friday, Nov. 21, 2003
Michael Kuss, INFN Pisa GLAST and the Gamma-Ray Sky Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2003
Dr. Tony Wright, Electron Tubes Inc. Critical considerations in the use of photomultipliers Tuesday, October 21, 2003
F. Iachello, Yale University Structure of the Nucleon from Electromagnetic Form Factors Friday, October 3, 2003
Frank Close Three Narrow Resonances and a Real Fun One September 25, 2003
Xin-Nian Wang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Jet Tomography of Cold and Hot Nuclear Medium September 12, 2003
E. Christova, Sofiya Institute for Nuclear Research, Bulgaria An Alternative approach to Semi-inclusive DIS and possible tests for independent fragmentation August 20, 2003
D. Stamenov, Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria The Role of Higher Twists in Determining Polarized Parton Densities in the Nucleon August 18, 2003
Luminita Todor, Carnegie Mellon University The Pentaquark August 15, 2003
Dennis Weygand
Jefferson Lab
Mesons with Unusual Quantum Numbers: A Status Report on the Exotic Meson Spectrum from E852 July 18, 2003
Fan Wang
Nanjing University, China
Which Constituent Quark Model is Better? May 30, 2003
Dinko Pocanic
University of Virginia
PIBETA: A new precise measurement of rare pion and muon decays May 02, 2003
Xiangdong Ji
University of Maryland
PQCD Scaling of the Nucleon's Pauli Form-Factor April 25, 2003
Hugh Gallagher
Tufts University
Atmosperic Neutrinos and the Search for Neutrino Oscillations April 11, 2003
Frank Close
Photoexcitation of Hybrids in the Flux Tube Model April 9, 2003
Alexandre Deur
Neutron Spin Structure Studies of Jefferson Lab April 3, 2003
Dmitri Diakonov
Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics
Chiral Dynamics in Baryons March 28, 2003
M. Eric Christy
Hampton University
Longitudinal/Transverse Studies of Proton Form Factors, Structure Functions and Moments March 18, 2003
Boris Kopeliovich
Max-Planck Institute
Propagation of Partons in Nuclear Medium March 14, 2003
K.A. Oganessyan
LNF-INFN, Italy and DESY, Germany
Angular Correlations in Electron-Proton Scattering March 12, 2003
Avraham Rinat
Weizman Institute of Science, Israel
Extraction of the magnetic form factor of the neutron from data on Quasi-Elastic inclusive scattering of electrons from light nuclei March 7, 2003
Antje Bruell
Semi-inclusive Spin Physics at HERMES March 3, 2003
Hans Rykaczewski
CERN and ETH Zurich
Technical Challenges in Constructing the CMS Experiment February 6, 2003
T.-S. Harry Lee
Argonne National Laboratory
Dynamical Model of Electromagnetic and Weak Pion Production Reactions January 31, 2003