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2007 Physics Seminars

Speaker Title Date
Alex Sibirtsev, Bonn University, Research Centre Juelich and EBAC Single Charged Pion Photoproduction Dec. 12, 2007
Gerald A. Miller, University of Washington Model-independent Nucleon Densities and Shapes Oct. 26, 2007
A. Sibirtsev, Bonn University, Research Centre Juelich and EBAC Heavy Baryons in Single Charged Pion Photoproduction Oct. 19, 2007
Mike Peardon Pizza Seminar Series Oct. 17, 2007
Tony Thomas, JLab Resolution of the Proton Spin Problem Oct. 5, 2007
Aron Bernstein, MIT Electromagnetic Pion Production: "Experimental Tests of Chiral Symmetry Hiding" Sept. 21, 2007
K.A. Ispirian, Yerevan Physics Institute, Armenia Carbon Nanotubes and Their Applications in High Energy and X-ray Physics Sept. 5, 2007
Chris Gould (for the nEDM collaboration), NC State Memorial Seminar August 10, 2007
Adam Sarty, St. Mary's University From code-writer to model-builder to error-finder: A Reflection on the Many Contributions of Jim Kelly to Nuclear Physics June 15, 2007
Rex Tayloe, Indiana University Neutrino Oscillation Results from the MiniBooNE Experiment May 11, 2007
Costas Papanicolas, University of Athens AMIAS: A Model Independent Analysis Scheme applied to Nucleon Resonance Data May 4, 2007
Francois-Xavier Girod, Jefferson Lab Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering with CLAS Apr. 27, 2007
Rory Miskimen, University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA A Precision Measurement of the Neutral Pion Lifetime: New Results from the PRIMEX Experiment Mar. 30, 2007
Elvio Di Salvo, Dipartimento di Fisica and I.N.F.N., Italy The quark-quark correlator and the transverse structure of the nucleon Mar. 2, 2007
Xiaodong Jiang, Rutgers University Angular Dependence of Recoil Proton Polarization in High-Energy Deuteron Photo-Disintegration Feb. 23, 2007
T.J.Gay, University of Nebraska The Stern-Gerlach Effect for Beams of Electrons Feb. 16, 2007
Alberto Accardi, Iowa State University Hadronization and Energy-loss in e+A Collisions Jan. 31, 2007