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2012 Physics Seminars

Speaker Title Date
Reza Kazimi
Jefferson Lab
Simultaneous Four-Hall Operation for 12 GeV CEBAF November 30, 2012
Zack Sullivan
Illinois Institite of Technology
The new DIS and Drell Yan: single top quarks and W-prime bosons November 19, 2012
Moskov Amaryan
Old Dominion University
What Can be Learned from Decay of Light Mesons November 14, 2012
Larry Weinstein
Old Dominion University
Two Photon Exchange and the Proton Form Factor Problem October 22, 2012
Mark M. Dalton
University of Virginia
First results from the Qweak measurement of the proton's weak charge October 19, 2012
Dmitri Denisov
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Distributed Version Control and Git October 9, 2012
Jeff King Evidence for the Standard Model Higgs boson production at the Tevatron October 3, 2012
Jason Steffen
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Laser Probes of the Dark Sector September 21, 2012
Kuang-Ta Chao
Peking University
Heavy Quarkonium Production at Hadron Colliders August 24, 2012
Gerald Miller
University of Washington
Nucleon Electromagnetic Form Factors and Spin: is proton made of 3 quarks? June 21, 2012
James Vary
Iowa State University
From QCD to ab initio nuclear structure with point nucleons and back again May 25, 2012
Franco Bradamante
Trieste University and INFN, Trieste Italy
THE SPIN STRUCTURE OF THE NUCLEON: a phenomenological introduction and the most recent results May 18, 2012
Dinko Pocanic
University of Virginia
Nab, a new precise study of neutron beta decay at SNS May 4, 2012
Xiaochao Zheng
University of Virginia
Measurement of the Parity Violation Asymmetry in Deep Inelastic Scattering April 15, 2012
Jin Huang
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Clues to New Quark Behavior April 6, 2012
Jochen Schwiening
GSI Darmstadt, Germany
DIRC Detectors: from BaBar to PANDA and Beyond March 23, 2012
T.-S Harry Lee
Argonne National Lab
Nucleon resonances from DCC analysis of EBAC@JLab for Confinement Physics March 14, 2012
Jay Benesch
Jefferson Lab
Delivering full longitudinal polarized beam to multiple halls March 2, 2012