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About JAG

The Jefferson Lab Activity Group (JAG) was formed to enhance employee morale through various recreational, social, and athletic activities.  Part of JAG's overall function is to promote and implement new ideas in support of DOE and DC policies.  JAG also monitors new and existing recreational programs to ensure benefit to the greatest cross section of the lab community.

With support of the Director's Council (DC) we represent the laboratory population and encourage participants from all departments.  If you are interested in being a member of the JAG Committee,  contact any of our members listed below.

JAG Leadership

Chair: Mary Jo Bailey x7306
Treasurer: David Abbott x7190

JAG Members

Chase Dubbe x7709
Brita Hampton x7633
Theo McGuckin x5948
Dan Moore x5927
Bridget Paul x7306
Mike Robbins x7617
Baylee Thayer x7025
Stephanie Vermeire x6930
Erik Werlau x6202