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April 22 is a time when Americans come together to celebrate Earth Day. By picking up trash, cleaning parks, and planting trees many Americans make the world a cleaner and greener place. But what else can be done? Aren't there other activities to pursue?

Earth Day should be treated as an educational day. Take the time to teach children, friends, family, or co-workers about recycling programs, waste reduction, and litter. Set an example for others and encourage them to pursue earth-friendly projects at school, work, or home. For example: start a recycling program at work if one has not already been established; build a birdhouse, with your child, using scrap metal or extra wood; or urge students to establish a school clean-up committee and enlist the help of peers and faculty.

Of course there are many other ways to celebrate Earth Day. (One should not limit themselves to the activities listed above.) Why not go outside for a nature walk? Ride a bike? Have a picnic or BBQ with friends and neighbors? While you are at it, maybe you can squeeze in some information about the environment. Remind them that everyone needs to do their part to help keep our Earth clean and beautiful. Also, be sure to pick up your trash and recycle it when necessary.

More information about keeping Earth Day Every Day, spring events, and the environment can be found at or the Keep America Beautiful webpage at

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