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Recycling comes to the Applied Research Center

The ARC building now has 3 fully functioning recycling centers for staff, users, and visitors to utilize. See below for the items being collected at rooms 225, 440, and 526. Room 706 has recycle bins/containers for Transparencies / Sleeves, Greeting cards, Batteries, and Paper as well.

Please use them!! Thanks for your participation.

Material Bin color Special disposition notes
Aluminum cans* Green  
Batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, etc.) White (Battery Solutions, Inc.)
Plastic bottles* Gray  
CDs / diskettes Light blue  
Greeting cards Yellow  
Styrofoam peanuts Blue  
Transparencies / sleeves Ivory  
Tyvek envelopes (FEDEX, USPS pouches soft) Red  
Paper, telephone books, cardboard   Continue to recycle paper in blue office paper containers. Telephone books can be placed on the table/counter/desk in the recycling center. Cardboard should be broken down, labeled recycle and placed outside your office for pickup (unless it is reusable. Notify your local recycling center coordinator).
Laser, inkjet, fax, copier cartridges   Small cartridges such as inkjets should be placed in the appropriate bin/box. Otherwise, place the old cartridge in the replacement cartridges box and put it in the recycling center (or send cartridges to MS 28H / Support Service Center 77).

* Plastic & aluminum will continue to be collected in kitchenette & snack areas

For more information on recycling in these ARC areas, contact Debra Stitts (ARC 225) at x7351, Nicole Brown-Sinkler (ARC 440 & 526) at x7682, and Carrie Nichols (ARC 706) at x5101.

Contact Jennifer Allen [] (x5075) if you.d like more information on recycling at Jefferson Lab.