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Nationwide Drought

The last week of August brought with it a fair amount of rain but not enough to bring us out of the Summer's drought. The lack of rainfall has been a hot topic coast to coast . Virginia has had a rainfall deficit of at least 9 inches and California's rain has been 30% below normal. Fountains in NY City are dry and Silt, Colorado residents caught watering their lawns could face 90 days jail time. As a result of the drought conditions water restrictions have been put in place north, south, east, west, and central across the United States. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor (, most of Virginia is experiencing Extreme (D3) to Exceptional (D4) drought conditions.

There is so much that everyone can do to conserve water.


"... learn to love water. If you find it hard to break wasteful habits formed when water seemed cheap and plentiful, remember that what's heading down the drain is the same stuff you pay a buck a bottle for at the supermarket."
— Warren Schultz

An example of a rain barrel

For more information on rain barrels or to learn how to make your own go to: