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Feeding Fowl can be a Foul!


Animals, mostly birds, migrate in response to ecological changes. Evidently, changes in temperature and weather are signals to geese that travel time is near. In the northern hemisphere, geese migrate from their northern homes to warmer climates every fall. They feed on vegetation and as a result must migrate during the winter because there is not enough greenery in their northern haunts for them to eat. Since many lakes and rivers freeze over winter, this also deprives the geese of their water supply. For these reasons, this is the time of the year when geese in North America "fly south."

geeseJefferson Lab has a flock of geese that appear to have become part of our community. As with many other birds, these geese should migrate in response to ecological changes. As such, as nice as it is to "feed the birds," PLEASE DON'T. If our geese get accustomed to being fed, they're less likely to migrate. Also, if feeding them is not continued, they'll likely have missed their seasonal opportunity to head south to find the greenery and water they need to survive.

Migrating is "for the birds." Let them do it, as they can certainly find a place to survive the winter on local food and water supplies if necessary. So PLEASE DO NOT feed them - Be part of the solution!