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Special Note on Lead Handling

Lead (Pb) is used extensively throughout Jefferson Lab for soldering as well as for radiation shielding in the form of bricks, sheets, and shot bags. Particulate lead can be on soldering benches, lead bricks (or other lead items) and surrounding surfaces, and even in fumes.

Limited exposure to Pb presents a minimal hazard; however, that hazard is still to be respected. To avoid lead hazards, staff, users, and visitors should:

Supervisors/SOTRs should:

EH&S Staff should:


Lead stored outdoors must be elevated and covered completely with tarps in such a way as to preclude contact with water, which accelerates oxidation. Lead stored indoors, even lead bricks that are painted or sealed, must be segregated through use of notice signs. Uncoated lead bricks must be kept covered with tarps. (Remember that tarps or sheet plastic used indoors must be fire-retardant.)

To prevent contamination, storage areas should also be chosen for isolation from drainage. Indoors, Pb storage areas should be away from drains that empty into the sewage system; outdoors, they should be away from storm drainage channels.


Contact the Hazardous Waste Coordinator (x7863) to arrange for disposal of lead waste.

More Information

Refer to EH&S Manual Chapter 6680, Lead Handling, or contact EH&S staff.