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Recyclable Plastic & Aluminum Materials — Bi-Weekly Pick-Up Begins!

Jefferson Lab Janitorial Services has started picking up the empty aluminum cans and plastic bottles from all standard recycling collection areas on a regular basis. This service covers the designated containers near vending machines and at the special area Recycling Centers (see web page link for locations). By contract agreement the containers are being inspected every two weeks and the contents collected at least monthly from the designated recycling areas.

We all use plastic and aluminum products at various times. It is important, especially after a particularly beverage-demanding meeting or activity, that if you notice a full or overflowing plastic or aluminum bin, be sure to take the time to call x7400 and email Mike Lewellen ( to request that the contents be removed for recycling. Mike is keeping a log of requests and any special pickup should be accomplished within one 24-hour workday.

Be sure to use the designated collection bins for aluminum cans and plastic bottles. The only materials collected from regular work areas are paper goods and cardboard. Contact Mike if you feel that an aluminum can or plastic bottle collection station would benefit your work area.