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Improving Environmentally Preferable Purchasing at Jefferson Lab

As we start a new Fiscal Year ask yourself: "Did I use my purchasing power to buy recycled content items in FY 2002? How can I improve in FY 2003?"

If you were not already aware, the DOE is committed to providing leadership in environmental management as directed under Executive Order (EO) 13148. Under this EO and EO 13101, JLab staff and users are required to purchase products termed 'Environmentally Preferable'. This Environmentally Preferable category includes items or products that are made with post consumer or previously recycled materials (such as plastic soda bottles and newspapers). Note that when a purchasing decision is being made, JLab staff are OBLIGATED to select these recycled-content (RC) products instead of an alternative non-RC item.

To meet our DOE contract obligations, use your purchasing power to:

If you buy recycled - you won't have to justify your purchase to Mother Nature. Try it - you'll feel better!!

Note that the vendor catalogs typically flag these RC items by using the universal 3-arrowed recycling sign or a green tree. There are also three vendors on the JLab Intra-net Commerce site that offer recycled content office products.

Call Dennis Dobbins at x5139 for help and guidance with your purchasing decisions.

Help us help you! We want your feedback about your experience with buying or using a RC item. Select one or two post consumer content items you have purchased that met your needs and e-mail us your comments.

For example: "I bought some colorful folders with 70% recycled content from the on-line catalog. Check it out at xxx."

Write to us at or