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Recycle Your Used Office Toner Cartridges

219 used toner cartridges have been recycled at Jefferson Lab since November 2001 thanks to the efforts of EH&S Reporting staff. These used fax, inkjet, copier, and laser cartridges (new and remanufactured) have been collected from across the site and are being sent to a recycling company. Currently, EH&S Reporting staff package the cartridges and representatives from Beneath the Son, Inc., a local toner cartridge recycling company, remove the materials monthly.

What can you do? Don.t throw that empty cartridge out - place it in a local Recycling Center or simply send it to MS28H - EH&S Reporting will take care of the rest! Help reduce the amount of waste that JLab contributes to the landfill by recycling your used toner cartridges.

For more information call Jennifer at x5075 or email her at