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Christmas Card Collection

Don’t throw away your Christmas Cards when the season is over - bring them to Jefferson Lab for Recycling! EH&S Reporting has been collecting new and gently used cards for over 2 years now. Carrie Nichols, EH&S Reporting, told us "Yvonne Casalino brought this idea to EH&S back in 1999, and since then we have sent over 58,000 cards to St. Jude's."

The card fronts are sent to St. Jude's Ranch for Children where they are fixed up and resold. People from all over the world send their used card fronts to the Ranch where the children precision cut the card fronts and glue them to pre-printed card stock. For each acceptable card the children receive fifteen cents to raise money for their savings, college funds, group outings and for extra pocket change.

If you’d like more information on St. Jude’s Ranch go to:
For more information on the "Recycled Card Program" visit: