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Are you purchasing Waste &/or Recycling Containers?

Numerous staff members voiced concern regarding the misuse of waste and recycling receptacles at Jefferson Lab. A team that includes members of the Lab's Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention Team, which includes Facilities Management staff, reviewed the use of receptacles in eight site buildings. The general findings were disappointing: paper-recycling containers are being used for trash and aluminum; containers for plastic bottle and aluminum cans are full of trash; some buildings had an overabundance of receptacles while others had a shortage; etc.

To address these concerns, a coordinated effort by the Lab's Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention Team, including Facilities Management staff, was made to identify standard types and colors of waste and recycling containers for use across the site. It's been agreed that waste and recycling receptacle purchases should be limited to the JLab standard items. Make your selection accordingly. For assistance with any container purchasing decisions, please contact Facilities Management at x7169 or x7548.

If you have general questions about this effort, which is being done to improve our recycling performance, or would like to suggest an improvement opportunity, please contact EH&S Reporting at x7308 or x5075.