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JLab Staff develop Monster-size crusher

Walter Kellner, Mike Lawing, Sam Hicks, and Steve Hickson, all from Hall C, developed and built a mega-size crusher to help utilize as much space in our outdoor receptacles as possible. Walter told us that there was about 65 thousand pounds of steel, gravel, and other materials piling up in the boneyard. These materials were still useful and we didn't want to toss them out. At the same time, some of the guys needed welding practice and Walter thought this was a great opportunity to do so. From the very beginning, this MONSTER crusher would benefit the Lab. Materials that would have otherwise been disposed of were utilized, Hall C staff were able to practice their welding skills, and a useful product was developed as a result.

According to Mike Lewellen, the steel crusher fits almost perfectly inside our waste and aluminum collection containers. A forklift is used to lift the solid steel mass via a chain that is then lowered into the receptacles to crush the materials within.

The use of this MONSTER crusher benefits the lab significantly. It greatly reduces the amount of open space in the containers, which allows for the addition of more materials to fill the now open area. This, in turn, reduces the number of times they have to be dumped. Whereas before the MONSTER crusher was developed, the aluminum can and 40 cubic yard trash containers were picked up monthly. Their contents can now be crushed up to 3 times before a pickup is necessary. The reduction of pick-ups also benefits the Lab by saving money!

Monster Crusher

Steve Hickson demonstrates how the MONSTER crusher
is used to compact refuse materials.

Thank you to Walter, Mike, Sam, and Steve for helping to more effectively manage our waste and to save $$$!