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EPA Invites you to Plug-in to eCycling!

Our ever-growing world relies on a constant changing supply of electronic, or e-products. Though electronic equipment currently represents only 1 to 2 percent of the US waste stream, it is quickly growing. As better, smaller, and cheaper products replace "older" models, the rapid introduction of new e-products (replacing older, sometimes larger, models) shows no sign of reduction. Electronics are a fast growing portion of America's trash: 250 million computers are destined to become obsolete by 2005. In 1998, more than 112 million pounds of materials were recovered from electronics - materials include steel, precious metals, glass, and plastic. Electronic products can also contain toxic constituents such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. Electronics can thus present an environmental hazard if they are disposed of improperly - such as in the landfill. (

Did You Know?

Recycling your old electronics is smart and good for the environment!

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