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Boost Paper Recycling

The EPA and an Industry group have joined forces to boost the US paper-recycling rate by 2012 to 55 percent. At this time, more paper is recovered for recycling than all other materials combined. The current paper recycling rate is 48.1 percent nationally, a significant improvement over 28.8 percent in 1987. Participants intend for this latest initiative to "divert more paper away from the waste stream and landfills." The current recovery goal, set in 1995, is 50 percent, a goal which is expected to be met this year.

This initiative will build on the EPA's Resource Conservation Challenge (RCC), "a federal effort to conserve natural resources through waste reduction and energy recovery." (Horinko, 2003) The RCC has a goal of achieving a 35 percent recycling rate overall (for ALL items, not just paper) by 2005. (From Environmental Compliance Bulletin, Vol. 10, No. 12, 9 June 2003)

How does Jefferson Lab stack up? In FY 2003, JLab recycled over 86,000 pounds of paper and paper products!

Remember, to help reduce the amount of paper/products used, edit documents electronically, reuse file folders and other office products, reduce paper copies of all documents, and, be cautious of the size of the document prior to printing.

Thank you for helping to keep Jefferson Lab GREEN!