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Changes at Local Recycling Centers

Shipping and Receiving (S&R) staff will begin to collect toner cartridges & batteries from all local recycling centers on a monthly basis.

Any time before the 15th of every month, put any empty / used toner cartridges in your closest recycling center. They will be removed from the Lab’s recycling centers and delivered to Support Service Center Room 73. [If there is no recycling center in your building, S&R will continue to pick them up for later delivery to Room 73.]

Designated S&R persons will also collect used batteries from our battery recycling locations and deliver them to Steve Singleton, JLab’s Hazardous and Universal Waste Technician.

Remember to recycle your used toner cartridges and small batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, ...) in your nearest recycling center & continue to

Help keep Jefferson Lab CLEAN & GREEN!