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Protect Yourself from the Sun!

The US Environmental Protection Agency, in cooperation with leading public health organizations, has developed a website to provide some simple steps to help protect yourself from the DOG DAYS of the summer sun!

"While some exposure to sunlight can be enjoyable, too much can be dangerous. Overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight can result in painful sunburn." It can also lead to more serious health effects, including skin cancer and premature aging of the skin; cataracts; and immune system suppression. Children are particularly at risk since most of the average person’s lifetime exposure occurs before 18 years of age.

Most people are not aware that skin cancer, while largely preventable, is the most common form of cancer (more than one million cases annually) in the United States. You can still enjoy your time in the sun while protecting yourself. Other than staying indoors, no single step can fully protect from overexposure to UV radiation.

sun dial Limit your time in the midday sun
sunscreen ALWAYS use sunscreen
shade Seek shade
hat Wear a hat a cover up your skin
sunglasses Wear sunglasses with UV radiation protection
UV index Check the UV Index daily

Go to for more in depth information.