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VPPSA collects your household chemicals

VPPSA, the Virginia Peninsula.s Public Service Authority, is the agency that collects household chemicals for all member communities (see green areas on map below). Household chemicals are materials used in our homes to clean and maintain our residences, vehicles, and landscapes as well as those used for various hobbies and other household activities. These materials are best handled via special collection times rather than through regular household garbage collection.

ACCEPTED MATERIALS: oil and latex paints, stains, wood sealers, thinners, solvents, glues, gasoline, diesel fuels, waxes, gasoline and oil mixtures, auto batteries, brake fluids, anti-freeze, insecticides, pesticides, weed killers, fertilizers, swimming pool chemicals, oven cleaners, drain cleaners, floor waxes, metal polishes, photo finishing supplies, charcoal fluids, chemistry sets.

MATERIALS NOT ACCEPTED: medical waste, asbestos, explosives, compressed gas cylinders, shock sensitive materials, radioactive products, household trash, large quantities of UNKNOWN chemicals, ammunition, or gunpowder. Household cooking grease can be disposed of by placing in a sealed container and placed in your wheeled container.

BUSINESS chemical waste can be disposed of at a VPPSA scheduled collection site, FOR A FEE, but the business MUST contact VPPSA first at 259-9850 for details PRIOR to bringing any material to a collection site.

For Information about collection times in your city or county, contact VPPSA at 259-9850.

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