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Jefferson Lab has a new Storm Water Permit that became effective in June 2003

This Permit allows the Lab to discharge storm water into site channels that leave the property and enter larger streams and channels that eventually flow to either the Chesapeake Bay or the James River. Under this permit, we have committed to keep the storm water free of pollution from our site.

Best Management Practices (BMPs) to implement the Permit have been identified by EH&S Reporting and Facilities Management staff. They include such items as having a method to detect and eliminate illicit discharges into surface waters, such as from oil leaks, and educating the Lab community about how to reduce pollutants in storm water runoff and how to report potential storm water concerns (call x4444).

Two or three specific performance goals have been identified for each of the BMPs, which are also a condition of the Permit. For example, for the illicit discharges, we have agreed to prepare a storm drain system map and for the education BMP, one of the commitments will be to provide an information package to all subcontractors that do work on the site.

Though some people are being tasked to address the BMPs, taking care to prevent pollution of our waterways (both at Jefferson Lab and elsewhere) is everyone's responsibility. If you have questions or want more information, contact Linda Even at x7308 or at, and to report a concern call the guard at x4444.