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Clean Commute Day – Were You Able to Participate?

Clean Commute Day, celebrated on May 7th this year, was devoted to "giving air a brake". Virginians were asked to walk, bike, take a bus, ride the metro, carpool, or vanpool to get to work! Carol Jones (Facilities Management), who lives in Virginia Beach, drove his mid-size family car, which is a more gas efficient vehicle (rather than his full-size truck), to commute to work on Clean Commute Day this year!

Walk to Work - here are a few healthful ideas about doing so! Studies show that when done briskly on a regular schedule, walking can improve the body's ability to consume oxygen during exertion, lower the resting heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and increase the efficiency of the heart and lungs. Walking has several unique advantages over other forms of exercise - you can do it almost anywhere, anytime, and it's free!"

Next year, why not help by agreeing to host a Clean Commute Day in the workplace. All you need is a table and the ability to promote the alternative transportation choices to your employees and/or coworkers.

For more information on Clean Commute Day, visit: