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Earth Day is celebrated on April 22!

"The earth will continue to regenerate its life sources only as long as we and all the peoples of the world do our part to conserve its natural resources. It is a responsibility which every human being shares. Through voluntary action, each of us can join in building a productive land in harmony with nature."
— President Gerald Ford

Jefferson Lab staff members gather every year to celebrate Earth Day here at the Lab. In recent years, volunteers have cleaned up around the site in an effort not only to beautify the Lab but to protect our valuable resources and the environment.

In 2003, volunteers gathered north of Building 90 (EEL) to plant a rain garden. A rain garden is a strategically placed garden that is designed in such a way that "excess drainage from roofs, gutters and pavement is captured, eliminating soil erosion". This type of garden allows water to pond and percolate through the soil, entering the water cycle through "groundwater recharge". Plants receive nutrients from ponded storm water, which helps keep them healthy. Vegetation that is tolerant of flooding and drought help to capture the storm water, creating an attractive setting at the same time. Plants in rain gardens also help provide habitat for wildlife. An added plus is that the water quality and volume control is better than when it first enters the garden.

Though plans for Earth Day 2004 are still being determined by Facilities Management and EH&S Reporting, Earth Day ideas that have come up include:

E-mail Linda ( or call her (x7308) with your input and to volunteer.
When a date/activity is selected — we’ll put out a notice in On Target and contact all volunteers.

For information on other Earth Day activities and earth friendly information, visit the following websites:

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