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Make a GREEN Purchasing Commitment for 2004

With your help, we’ve made steady improvement in Jefferson Lab’s Affirmative Procurement program for FY03. We’ve just recently reported to DOE that our compliance with purchasing recycled/remanufactured products, Green Purchasing, increased to 95% for FY03. This is an improvement of about 8% from the 87% compliance for FY02. Your purchasing choices, when selecting office supplies on JLab e-commerce directly affect the Lab’s Green Purchasing program success. Thanks for your support of this program. DOE has established a goal of 100% compliance for FY05.

There are two recycled content products - binders and plastic transparency/document protectors - that require your attention for FY04. These items are large volume, with high cumulative costs, but were low compliance for FY03. Less than 20% of these products purchased met the recycled content standards. It should be rare that you cannot use a recycled content product. Green products for these items are available on JLab’s e-commerce site. This is the required source for all routine office supplies. Vendor catalogs for recycled content and environmentally friendly products are available to help you easily identify Green products. Please select environmentally preferably products when making binder and plastic transparency/document protector purchases. Your choice will help JLab meet its Affirmative Procurement goals and also will help improve our environment. (Please call Dennis Dobbins at x5139 with your questions.)