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New Permit addressing Storm Water during Construction Activities

A new Virginia Department of Environmental Quality permit was issued in December 2003. Unlike the permit issued earlier in the year addressing general storm water management practices, this permit addresses storm water concerns during construction activities. All construction contracts that will affect 1 acre or more of land will have to meet the permit conditions.

The primary permit requirement is to have a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3). The SWP3’s main focus is ensuring effective erosion and sediment control procedures are implemented throughout a construction project.

Facilities Management has been responsible for implementing erosion and sediment control measures and practices where identified as necessary. Under this new permit, Facilities Management will be ensuring that these larger projects implement the project SWP3 as well as its erosion and sediment control requirements. This will result in reducing negative impacts to on-site and off site channels and streams by preventing pollution at the construction site (the source).

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