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Jefferson Lab Recycles its Trees

As you may have noticed, there are many changes taking place to the earthen areas around CEBAF Center. In order to prepare for the CEBAF Center addition, many trees and the underbrush had to be cleared and removed. As a steward for the environment, Jefferson Lab recycled all of the trees cleared from the geothermal grid site at this location. Ed Winslow of Facilities Management coordinated this recycling effort. Once the trees were cleared, they were removed and sent for recycling by Waltrip Recycling, who turned the trees into mulch. Also, the larger hardwood trees that came down in Isabel were recycled into furniture lumber.

As with the trees from Jefferson Lab, when trees are recycled, they can be turned into mulch, milled for usable lumber (as for furniture), or cut for firewood. Next time you have to have a tree removed from your property, why not consider having it recycled. Look for ideas and more information on the web. Search key words "recycling trees" at