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Storm Water Permit Update

Facilities Management has coordinated the construction of Jefferson Lab’s first retention pond which will be located behind the EEL to the northeast of the intersection of Rattley and BCS Roads. The purpose of this pond is to retain excess storm water on site before it flows too quickly beyond the DOE boundaries and adds to some overburdened storm water channels beyond the site.

It is to be of the dry extended pond type and pond construction will be underway in mid-January. Other storm channels leading to and from the pond are also to be widened.

As about 7 acres of land will be affected, this project will affect well over the 1 acre of land minimum disturbance that requires Jefferson Lab to meet Storm Water Discharges during Construction Activities permit terms and conditions. These conditions are numerous but the main focus is ensuring effective erosion and sediment control procedures are implemented throughout the construction project.

Facilities Management will serve as oversight of the subcontractor, Hudgins Contracting Corp. to meet permit terms and conditions. By doing such, negative impacts to on-site and off site channels and streams by preventing pollution at the construction site (the source) will be greatly reduced.

Contact EH&S Reporting (x7308) if you would like more information.