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Get your Compost!

THINKING that it's time to polish up your green thumb? Try these products on for size: HRSD offers NutriGreen® Compost & VPPSA has Compost and Mulch

Nutri-Green® Compost

Nutri-Green® Compost is produced from wastewater biosolids by the natural process of biological decomposition called composting. Valuable nutrients and organic material from HRSD's wastewater treatment plants are naturally recycled into a product that is a beneficial soil conditioner and plant food supplement.


Use Nutri-Green®Compost to:

Environmental Benefits

Using Nutri-Green® Compost helps decrease runoff and soil erosion by adding organic matter that captures water. Without an adequate amount of organic material, soil is compact and water runs off, causing erosion and insufficient moisture for plant growth. Adding Nutri-Green® Compost, which is high in organic content, causes soil particles to form separate clumps and tiny pockets of air. The air space allows water to enter the ground, enabling the soil to hold more water for increased plant growth. This, in turn, decreases runoff and soil erosion.

Where to find Nutri-Green® Compost

Nutri-Green® Compost is available in bulk and in 40-pound bags at some local garden centers. For additional information call HRSD at 757-460-4276 or visit

VPPSA Compost and Mulch Products

The VPPSA Compost Facility processes yard waste such as leaves, grass, and brush into compost and mulch products that are available for purchase throughout the year. "THINK SPRING... THINK GREEN... TRY ONE OF OUR PRODUCTS FOR YOUR YARD!"

145 Goodwin Neck Road
Yorktown, VA
(757) 898-5012

Monday – Saturday
8am – 4pm

SOIL BLEND $17.00/cubic yard
COMPOST $16.00/cubic yard
MULCH FINES $10.00/cubic yard
REGROUND MULCH $9.00/cubic yard

FIREWOOD $10.00/pickup truck load (you load!)
(volume discounts are available)


*Get your supplies now before the Spring price increase!