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Jefferson Lab's EMS - Continual Improvement Underway!

Jefferson Lab's Environmental Management System (EMS) is in place thanks to its EMS Implementation Team (that included reps from all parts of the Lab) under the guidance of Mary Erwin (the EMS Management Representative) and special thanks to Mary for her efforts. A new organization, the EMS Subcommittee has been formed and the EMS Implementation Team has been dissolved. The EMS Subcommittee is headed by Carter Ficklen. The subcommittee reports to the Director's Safety Council, headed by Craig Ferguson, who also happens to be the Lab's new EMS Management Representative.

Since the early December EMS program review identified some necessary improvement actions, the Lab's new EMS Subcommittee started focusing on addressing the continual improvement items in January. These items need attention to bring the Lab's EMS into better conformance with both ISO 14001 (the international EMS standard) and the DOE O 450.1 Contractor Requirements Document (that addressed elements such as NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) that were not specifically covered in the ISO standard).

Completion of these actions by the responsible staff will demonstrate the Lab's commitment to EMS. A responsible staff member has been assigned to each corrective action with some completed and others in progress at being resolved.

Look for more EMS updates throughout 2006 in various Jefferson Lab publications including this web-site; On-Target; and, On-Target briefs.

For more information on Environmental Management Systems, visit or call Carter at x7007 or Linda Even at x7308.