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Jefferson Lab is awarded a HRSD Gold award!

The Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) holds an annual Pollution Prevention (P2) Awards luncheon to honor local businesses for exemplary permit compliance and outstanding P2 measures. "Honoring businesses for their outstanding efforts provides deserved recognition and an incentive to prevent pollution beyond environmental regulations. P2 awards are presented to businesses for outstanding multi-media (water, land, and air) efforts that focus on source reduction, rather than traditional treatment, control, and disposal. Some examples include raw material substitution, installation of clean manufacturing technologies, in-process recycling, as well as preventive maintenance and spill prevention."

On Wednesday, May 17th, Jefferson Lab was awarded with a Gold award for the 3rd year in a row. Jefferson Lab strives to protect the environment through efforts

Recognition was received for the P2 initiatives taken at the CEBAF Center addition, but the award in our category (minor industrial) went to: U.S. Amines LLC, Portsmouth (25,000 - 400,000 gallons-per-day discharge category). Congratulations to U.S. Amines LLC! Jefferson Lab will continue to strive to meet and exceed P2 award criteria.