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Lost Mountain by Erik Reece (Author)

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From Publishers Weekly

Lost Mountain "is a searing indictment of how a country's energy lust is ravaging the hills and hollows of Appalachia. The first-time author chronicles how, in one year, from October 2003 to September 2004, strip miners sheared away the top of Kentucky's aptly named Lost Mountain. This process of "mountaintop removal" left a barren wasteland that, months earlier, had supported songbirds, fox, deer and other wildlife, and a rich cover of trees. Reece's elegiac book… also offers a concise history of how the coal industry long exploited workers; hints at harrowing tales of industry intimidation of antimining activists; details how toxic mining runoff has poisoned well water and how landslides have washed away homes and entire hamlets; and in a cautiously optimistic coda, reports how activists have reclaimed a few thousand acres of stripped land with reforestation projects." (Feb.)

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Reader Review

Reece's book is quite informative - a direct look at how people involved at all levels of strip mining coal can be affected either terribly or lucratively, seldom both. Definitely not a win-win situation for the environment. If you have questions as to why this 'bad' practice is going on, and proposals as to how to make some reparations, read this book. It is good reading.

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