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Environmentally Preferable Product – Purchasing Update

Thanks to all JLab employees that contributed to our FY'05 improved use of recycled content and remanufactured products. Overall, the Lab increased the purchase of Green products from ~ 70% in FY'04 to ~ 72% in FY'05. This is a significant improvement. We increased our adjusted Green (with exceptions) purchases from ~94% last year to ~99% for FY'05 which exceeds our contract metric of 85%. This major increase is primarily due to adding furniture reporting for FY'05. The better news is that JLab has decreased the number of unjustified, non-compliant purchases from ~ 6% to ~3%. More importantly, it indicates steady progress by increasing the purchase of Green products and reducing exceptions.

We need your support to continue to identify and order recycled/remanufactured content products in the future. Especially for all office supplies. Keep in mind, the JLab e-commerce system is the required source for ALL office supplies. We will continue to work with these on-line vendors to increase the number of recycled content products. See the list of mandatory Green products at: Green Products.

Your choices when making purchases will help JLab meet its Affirmative Procurement goals and also will help improve our environment. Visit Jefferson Lab’s Green Purchasing web site at for more information.

Call Dennis at #5139 if you have any questions.