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Looking for some ways to clean GREEN? Try Vinegar!

Vinegar is a natural product and is not just for human consumption — its uses as a cleaning agent are endless. In fact, "its many uses have not been exploited" for the thousands of years that it has been in existence. Here are just a few examples for the use of vinegar around your house. (For most cleaning jobs, the standard 5% acetic acid solution is just right.) If you’d like more ways to clean and deodorize with vinegar, check out Vim & Vinegar by Melodie Moore.

Absorb odors
Moisten a piece of bread with vinegar and leave it inside an old box, car trunk, or foot locker overnight to absorb smells.

Freshen rooms
Place a bowl of vinegar in an “out of the way” place to absorb stale, smoky odors.

Clean miniblinds
Put an old white sock on your hand, dip your fingers in a mixture of ½ vinegar and ½ hot water. Rub your fingers over each slat to remove dirt and dust.

Clean ceiling fans
Using full-strength white vinegar, ceiling fan blades, exhaust fan grills, and air-conditioning grills can be wipes clean of grease and dirt.

Dissolve glue
Many glues can be dissolved by applying a coat of vinegar and letting it soak for a few minutes.

Remove wax buildup
On leather-top tables, use ¼ cup vinegar to ½ cup water.

Clean wood floors
Use a solution of equal parts of vinegar and water, wipe floors using a soft cloth and solution.

Dishwashing liquid
Add a few tablespoons of vinegar to dishwater to help cut grease and shine the dishes.