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Disaster Recovery

    Facilities Management Checklist


    1. Provide security. Be alert for looting, which is very common after a disaster.
    2. Check all roads. Clear them as necessary to allow vehicular access.
    3. Provide security for all sensitive items (list provided by all divisions and offices).
    4. At the Gate House, if CANS is inoperable, manual sign-in and sign-out procedures will be in effect until CANS is restored.
    5. Clear sufficient parking places to support essential staff needed at work.
    6. Inspect the site perimeter. Repair fences and gates as necessary.
    7. Remove all unstable trees and limbs which threaten buildings and staff.


    1. For all structures, check the following prior to entering:
      1. Walls or siding for cracks, tilts, and misalignments
      2. Doors for proper opening and closing
      3. Broken windows
      4. Roof, if it can be observed safely.

    2. For all structures, check the following by entering and proceeding with great caution.
      1. Integrity of floors, walls, and stairs
      2. Lighting system
      3. Electrical distribution system
      4. Sprinkler system
      5. Fire alarm system
      6. Plumbing system
      7. HVAC
      8. Staircase(s)
      9. Elevator

    3. For all structures, check for the following:
      1. Water damage (repair, replace, or dry out)
      2. Chemical spills
      3. Need for a cleanup
      4. OSHA violations needing immediate attention

    4. The authority for condemning badly damaged buildings is as follows:
      1. Buildings owned by SURA: City building inspectors/fire department
      2. Buildings owned by Virginia: State Fire Marshall
      3. Buildings owned by the Federal Government : DOE personnel


    1. Check all storm-water runoff channels (ditches) clear of obstructions.
    2. Check all storm-water runoff channels free of spilled chemicals.
    3. Check all oil-filled transformers for the integrity of the oil chamber.

    Debris Removal

    1. Arrange for debris removal to the landfill.
    2. If debris removal is delayed, arrange to have it moved to a location on site and out of the way.

    contact Tina Menefee or Tina Johnson
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