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Disaster Recovery

    Accelerator Checklist

    1. During the initial visit to site:
      1. Check tunnel and end stations for overflowing floor sumps and standing water.
      2. Check above-ground buildings for water and wind damage to the installed equipment.
      3. Check all buildings and trailers for utilities (phone, electrical power, water).
      4. If electrical power is out, turn off all equipment so that restart can be controlled.

    2. Meet with Group Leaders, possibly off site, to develop a detailed damage assessment and corrective action plan for all accelerator systems.

    3. Coordinate site visit by Group Leaders. Group Leaders are to:
      1. Identify non-functioning systems
      2. Lock and tag damaged systems
      3. Make a cost and time estimate for repair or replacement
      4. Determine fitness for use of offices and shop areas

    4. Provide system status reports and cost and time estimates to the Accelerator Division Head, the Director of Operations, and the EH&S Reporting Manager.

    5. Check with Computer Center for availability of computer services.

    6. Check with Control System Group Leader about availability of Control System computers.

    7. Maintain close contact with Plant Engineering, and be aware of the status of utilities and support systems such as HVAC and LCW.

    8. Maintain close contact with the Radiation Control Group.

    contact Tina Menefee or Tina Johnson
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