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Disaster Recovery

    Phase 1 - Getting Organized

    If extensive damage to JLab is anticipated, the Facility Manager convenes a recovery team and develops a plan for Phase 2. The meeting may have to take place off site. Suggested team members are: Facility Manager, Project Manager, Physics Division Deputy, Plant Engineering Director, Security Officer, Public Affairs Officer, Administration Division EH&S Officer, Emergency Management Manager, Operations Manager, Procurement Officer, Human Resources Manager, and DOE representative.

    Phase 2 - Damage Assessment

    A team led by the plant engineering director will enter the site and assess the damage. This team should document the damage using photographs and video tape. The team shall make an initial assessment report to the Facility Manager and then conduct a thorough examination of all buildings and grounds. Corrective action to clear hazards is authorized during Phase 2. It is possible that Phase 2 will take several days to complete. The attached check lists are intended to facilitate assessing the damage.

    Phase 3 - Corrective Action

    Management should review all damage assessments and establish priorities for correcting deficiencies. Contracting for services such as street sweeping, tree removal, debris removal, and repairs to utilities should proceed as soon as feasible. Long-term repairs will require scheduling and budgeting decisions. At some point in this phase, employees will be required to return to work.

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    updated November 5, 2010
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