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Emergency Management

    Dry Standpipes Information

    Dry standpipes at JLab are three-inch diameter steel pipes designed to transport fire-fighting water from above ground to under ground areas: the accelerator tunnel and the experimental halls. This avoids having to run hoses down stair cases and keep fire doors open. A dry standpipe has a valve at each end and a threaded cap.

    A dry standpipe would be used as follows: Fire fighters will remove the cap and run a hose from the above ground connection to a hydrant or a pumper truck and then remove the cap from the associated below ground connection and attach a hose with a nozzle. Fire fighters will then open the valves at the fire hydrant or truck and at each end of the standpipe while other fire fighters hold the nozzle and direct the stream of water on the fire.

    Dry Standpipe Inventory

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