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Emergency Management

    Other Fire Departments

    On Jefferson Avenue
    J Clyde Morris to Onnes Road = 1.6 miles
    Onnes Road to SCOT Road = .55 miles
    SCOT Road to Oyster Point Road = .35 miles

    On Oyster Point Road
    Jefferson Avenue to Fire Station 6 = .3 miles
    Fire Station 6 to Canon Boulevard = .4 miles

    On Canon Boulevard
    Oyster Point Road to Lab rear gate = .8 miles

    On J. Clyde Morris Boulevard
    Jefferson Avenue to Fire Station 8 = .2 miles
    Warwick Boulevard to Fire Station 8 = 1.0 miles

    On Warwick Boulevard
    From Fire Station 10 to J. Clyde Morris = 1.0 miles

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