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Emergency Management

    Fire Departments

    There are three fire stations in close proximity to JLab. The Battalion Chief for this area is stationed at Fire Station 6. The HAZMAT Team and their trucks are also stationed at Fire Station 6. An ambulance is available at each fire station.

      Fire Station 6
      685 Oyster Point Road (corner of Palmer Road)

      Battalion Chief 881-5045
      Distance to SCOT Road .75 miles
      Distance to Onnes Road 1.2 miles
      Distance to Canon Gate 1.2 miles

      Fire Station 8
      531 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard (next to SPCA compound)
      Distance to Onnes Road 1.8 miles
      Distance to SCOT Road 2.35 miles

      Fire Station 10
      12455 Warwick Boulevard (corner of Minton Drive)
      Distance to Onnes Road 3.8 miles
      Distance to SCOT Road 4.35 miles

    Emergency 911 Center (Newport News)
    757-247-2500 for non-emergency discussions

    Other Distances of Interest

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