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Emergency Management

    Fire Fighting Information

    The Fire Department menu option contains a map of the community surrounding Jefferson Lab and indicates the location of the three nearest fire stations. A table of distances between the three stations and several locations at the Laboratory are included.

    The Fire Hydrants & PI Valves menu option contains maps of three areas (Campus, Accelerator Experimental). Each map indicates the location of fire hydrants and Post Indicator (PI) valves in red. PI valves isolates the sprinkler systems. There is usually one PI valve per building. In addition, the approximate location of underground water supply lines is indicated by narrow blue lines. In addition, buildings which contain cryogenic liquids, large quantities of flammable gas, radioactive material, or use natural-gas heating are color coded.

    The Dry Standpipes menu option contains a description of the function of dry standpipes. Maps of the accelerator and experimental areas indicate the locations of entrances and exits of each standpipe. A dry standpipe is any empty pipe with a valve and cap at each end, and it connects above and below ground locations. Fire fighters can pump water through the pipe to reach the tunnel or an end station, eliminating the need to run a fire hose down a set of stairs.

    Fire Departments

    Fire Hydrants & PI Valves

    Dry Standpipes

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