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Operating Instructions for Weather Alert Radio - Model 12-240

  1. Normal Operations (Radio is in the Alert Mode)

    • Electrical Plug: Plugged into 120 V wall socket
    • 9 V Battery: Installed in radio for backup power
    • Channel: Channel C selected
    • Volume: Set to a comfortable level
    • Antenna Selector: Set to LINE position (antenna in power cord)
    • Telescoping Antenna: Stored unless line antenna is ineffective
    • Alert Light: On (red)
    • Alert Lock: Off

  2. Listening to a Radio Broadcast

    • Push the WEATHER button. Note alert light goes out.
    • Listen to broadcast.
    • When completed, push the ALERT button. Alert light goes on.

  3. ALARM received (Siren sounds, and alert light flashes)

    [1] Alert Lock ON means the siren will alarm and the alert light will flash until the WEATHER button is pushed. Alert Lock OFF means the siren will alarm for only ten seconds and the alert light will flash continuously until the WEATHER button is pushed.

  4. Testing the Alarm

    • Radio is on and in the Alert mode.
    • Push TEST button. The alarm sounds.
    • Press WEATHER button to clear the alarm.
    • Press the ALERT button to resume normal operations.

  5. To turn the radio off, turn the volume knob clockwise until it clicks.

Please Note:

  1. The National Weather Service conducts a weekly test of the weather warning system, normally between 11:00 a.m. and noon on Wednesdays. When this happens, go through the steps in point 3 above, except there will be no need to take emergency action.

  2. If you have any questions or problems with the weather alert radio, see your Building Manager or Safety Warden.

  3. Be sure to check your battery and replace as necessary.