Nomenclature Introduction

Last update: November 24, 2003 Welcome to the Jefferson Lab Nomenclature Document Introduction The purpose of this document is to provide Jefferson Lab employees with a standard system of unique names to represent specific pieces of equipment. Up to nine alphanumeric characters are used to identify a particular equipment, its system, and its location. Nomenclature identification is used on drawings, schematics, computer software, and other sources of information. Nine characters or less is more efficient that a narrative description, such as: the sixth cavity in the thirteenth cryomodule in the South Linac. Background The Nomenclature Document was first published as part of CEBAF Technical note 91-083 in October 1991. Updated revisions were published and distributed in December 1992 and 1993. The document was converted to a menu-driven computer data base in 1994, which provided a search capability. The software was upgraded in March/April 1995 to include the capabilities to print or browse through the entire document. 1n 1996, the nomenclature was added to the JLAB web home page. To access the nomenclature on the web, go to the site index and select C. Under C, look for CND (CEBAF Nomenclature Document). Select that option. When the Administrator enters a change to the db1 data base, the web version is updated automatically at midnight. Description All names have a maximum of nine characters, and all letters are upper case; i.e., capital letters. For convenience in the nomenclature document, the letters S V V X X Y Y Z Z are used to symbolize a nine-character name. The meaning of these letters is as follows: S Technical System VV Component Type XX Sector or Subsystem YY Locator ZZ Element Number A brief description of these five categories follows: S --- Technical System: A single letter is used to symbolize a major system such as a C for cryogenics or M for magnets. The Associate Directors for Accelerator and Physics have final approval authority to add, change, or subtract symbols for technical systems. VV -- Component Type: Two letters are used to symbolize component types such as CV for check valve or WP for water pump. All component types are associated with a technical system, and every three-letter combination must have a unique meaning. We try to minimize the instances of more than one meaning for the second and third characters, but there are a few exceptions. The Nomenclature Administrator has final approval authority to add, change, or subtract symbols for component types. XX -- Sector or Subsystem: Two characters, which can be a number or letter in either position, are used to symbolize a location, a subsystem, or a large piece of equipment. For example, 1L is used for the North Linac, 29 is used for the vacuum system in the Cryogenic Test Facility, and 3E is used for the third extractor. Sectors and subsystems are not tied to a particular technical system. Not all technical systms use the XX positions. In which case, the positions are left blank. The Operations Manager has final approval authority to add, change, or subtract symbols for sectors and subsystems. YY -- Locator: Two numbers are used to symbolize a location within a sector (XX), such as the sequential numbering of quadrupoles within a sector. All non-girdered components are numbered per the upstream quad. Exceptions: Dipoles are numbered sequentially within a sector. Cryomodules match the 'zone' number (first module is #2 and the last is #26). This number controls the upstream components. ZZ -- Element Number: One or two letters or numbers are used to indicate the actual number of name of a component. The element number is tied to a locator and a technical system. An example of the usage of element numbers is using numbers 1 through 8 to indicate the cavities in a cryomodule. Using H to indicate a horizontal configuration for a beam position monitor is another example. The Operations Manager has approval authority to add, change, or subtract symbols for element numbers. Example: IDA2C04 This is an Insertable Beam Stop in Line B of the BSY between quad girders 04 & 05. This is broken down as follows: I Instrumentation System DA Beam Stop, retractable 2C Line 'B' - Beam Switchyard 04 Located down beam of the 4th Quad Last update: November 4, 2014