Nomenclature Codes

Code 1 is the description of the code in the Technical System

Code 2 is the description of the code in the Component Type, Sector/Subsystem Location, Location, or Element System

Code 1Code 2Description
S CODE[ Technical System Description ]
AAIR - Intrument and Service
EEnd Stations
FFluid System
HPhysic - Halls A,B & C
OOptical System
PPower System
VVacuum (Beam)
WLCW - water
S CODEVV CODE[ Component Type System Description ]
AAAAir Actuator
AAFAir Filter
AASAir Solenoid
ABVBall Valve
APRAir Pressure Regulator
CCHSpare A&D channel
CCVCheck valve
CDPDifferential pressure
CDSDifferential pressure switch
CDTDifferential temperature
CEVElectric control valve
CFCFlow controller
CFEFlow element
CFIFlow indicator
CHPCompressor horsepower
CHRHeater control
CHVHydraulic control valve
CITCurrent transmitter
CLLLiquid level
CLVLVDT - same as RF
CMVManual valve
CODOxygen level
CPIPressure indicator
CPSPressure switch
CPTExpander pressure tap
CPVPneumatic control valve
CPWExpander power out
CRVRelief valve
CSPSpeed Expander, Cold Compressor, etc.
CSVSolenoid operated valve (on/off)
CTCThermocouple vacuum gauge
CTDDiode thermometer
CTIVapor pressure thermometer
CTPPlatinum thermometer
CTRCarbon resistor thermometer
CTSTemperature switch
CVIVoltage indictor
CWKExpander work out (ratio PW/SP)
CWMWatt meter
ETAPolorimeter target chamber
FCIConductivity Indicator
FMIMoisture Indicator
FPRPressure Regulating Valve
FS6 SF6 System for FEL Injector
FWPWater Pump
IBCBeam Current Monitor
ICMIR FEL Buncher Cavity, 08111-E-0001
ICSChannel Cesiator
ICVYao cavity
IDABeam stop, retractable
IDCIR FEL Beam Dumps, 07300-0001, 07300-0011, 07400-0005
IDLBeam dump, low power
IDMDriver Motor
IDRTarget for Diffraction Radiation- DIA0070200-0256
IDSInjector Ion Implanted Silicon Detector
IEGExtractor Gauge, Gun vacuum (Torr)
IELBeam Envelope Limit System (BELS)
IFYFaraday Cup
IGLPolarized electron gun (Laser gun)
IGTThermionic electron gun
IHAProfile analyser
IHGInjector Horizontal Gun
IHMBeam Hallo Monitor - Hall C G-Zero 67229-56060
IIAIR FEL Hapek Device, 05140-E-0037
IICIonization Chamber
ILLInjector LoadLock Gun
ILMLoss monitor
IMPInjector - 500 KEV Mott Polarimeter
IMRInsertable 1.0" Mirror DIA0070200-0255
IMSIR FEL Multi-Slit o2.0 Shielded, 05122-E-0100
IOCOptics Controller
IOFOffset Monitor 66850-03959
IOPOptics Diagnostic
IOROptical Transisition Radiation Monitor (OTR) 58432-0407
IOUOptics Unit
IPAPico ammeter, HV leakage current (PA)
IPDBeam Position Detector (Pavel Degtiarenko)
IPHPhoton Harp
IPMPosition monitor
ISCBeam Scrapper
ISDFast shutdown system
ISLAperture (Slit)
ISRSynchrotron Radiation Monitor
ITVBeam viewer
IUNCurrent (Klaus Unser) monitor
IWCWiggler Controller
IWDWiggler Diagnostic
MAADipole magnet 1B38W4/48 22161-E-0001
MABDipole magnet 1B38W4/52 22161-E-0101
MACDipole magnet 1B38W4/60 22161-E-0201
MADDipole magnet corr. 400 mA (CEBAF)
MAEDipole magnet 1B38W4/56 22161-E-0401
MAFDipole magnet 1B38W4/72 22161-E-0501
MAGDipole magnet 1B38W4/52 22161-E-0601
MAHDipole magnet 1B38W5/64 22161-E-0701
MAIDipole magnet 1B38W5/72 22161-E-0801
MAJDipole magnet corr.400 mA (homemade coil)
MAKDipole magnet 90 deg. 4.0 Amp (U. of Illinois)
MALDipole magnet 1B37W5/80 22161-E-1101
MAMDipole magnet 1B38W5/96 22161-E-1201
MANDipole magnet 1B38W4/116 22161-E-1301
MAODipole magnet 1B38W4/48 22161-E-1401
MAPDipole magnet 21116-E-0001
MAQDipole magnet 1.5B37W11/104 22161-E-1601
MARDipole magnet 21117-E-0001
MASDipole magnet 1.9B36W17/84 22161-E-1801
MATCEBAF-built Injector/Linac Air-core corrector
MAUDipole magnet 1B77W3/52 22161-E-20001
MAVDipole magnet 1B76W3/76 22161-E-2101
MAWDipole magnet 1.5B37W11/120 22161-E-2201
MAXDipole magnet 1.9B36W17/124 22161-E-2301
MAYDipole magnet 1B38W5/52 22161-E-2401
MAZ445MeV Fast feedback corrector dipole magnet
MBADipole magnet 1B120W4
MBBDipole magnet 1B80W4 22131-E-0001
MBCDipole magnet 1B6W2.5 - Arc corrector 21115-E-0001
MBDDipole magnet 1.5B6A2.5 Inj. corr. V=2112-E-0001, H=2112-E-0002
MBEDipole magnet 1B40W4
MBFDipole magnet 1.5B7W6 - 45 MeV beam dump magnet
MBGDipole magnet 1B60W4/20
MBHDipole magnet - Dual function Haimson corrector 1.00 AMP
MBIDipole magnet 1.5B6A3 (stretched BD for FEL bypass)
MBJDipole magnet 1B120W3.5/40 - BSY dump dipole
MBKDipole magnet 1.5B6A2.5 - Saddle coil corrector
MBLDipole magnet 1.5B12W2.5 - Chicane corrector 24121-E-0001
MBMDipole magnet 2B6A2.5 - Ext corrector 21114-E-0001
MBNDipole magnet 1B40W4/46
MBODipole magnet for 500 keV spectrometer
MBPDipole magnet 1B80W4/26
MBQDipole magnet 1B40W4/26
MBRDipole magnet 1B80W5 22751-D-0001
MBSDipole mag.1.5B6W25L- Red fld corr V=21112-E-0101, H=21112-E-0102
MBTDipole magnet 2B6 - Linac corrector 2113-D-0001
MBUDipole magnet for unpolarized injector 90deg.-1.50AMP(CEBAF)
MBV5 MeV Spectrometer Dipole
MBWDipole magnet 1B18W5/40 22161-D-2601
MBXDipole magnet 1.5B37W11/60 22161-E-2701
MBYDipole magnet 1B38W5/40 22161-E-2801
MBZDipole magnet 1.5B76W11/60 22161-E-2901
MCA12Gev Angled Corrector - ReInj Chicane- MAG0020025-0001
MCB12Gev Corrector - ReInj Chicane - MAG0020024-0001
MCCHall C Polarimeter Dipole
MCDSolenoid Dipole, Hall C Polarized Target
MCEHall C-HKS Exp Horiz Corrector, 28678Kg/cm,10A,11.0lg-MAG0020016-0000
MCFHall-A RCS Dipole, Tapered Gap, 20 cm. length
MCGDble 'BM' Coil Corrector - MAG0020013-0000
MCHHall C-HKS Exp Horiz Corrector, 28.793Kg/cm,10A,9.0lg-MAG0020014-0000
MCIHall C-HKS Exp Vertical Air Core Corrector - MAG0015521-0000
MCJ12" long air core magnet on 2" pipe @ 496.6 G-cm/Amp
MCK12" long air core magnet on 1" pipe @ 783.4 G-cm/Amp
MCL12" long air core magnet on 1" pipe @ 783.4 G-cm/Amp
MCNAir Core, 25.98 long on 1.5"dia-Fast Feed Back MAG0015524-0001
MCOHall C-6.0lg vert corr360turn-8AWG-MAG0020013-0000
MCPLine A - Mini-Compton Dipoles (4) Section '1P'
MCZQD Panofsky quad wired as H/V corrector pair
MDBIR FEL Air Core Horit Corrector 4.925" ID, 8.5" long 07145-E-0001
MDCIR FEL Vert Corrector,2.0x8.0in Chamber - r, FEL 07144-E-0001
MDDDrift space (reserved for optics codes)
MDFIRFEL H Corrector for 2h x 8w (in.) Chamber, FEL 07143-E-0001
MDGIRFEL H Phase Trim Dipole, 2h x 6w (in.) Chamber, FEL 07142-E-0001
MDHIRFEL Air Core. Hor. or Vert. Corr. 4.510" ID, 8.5" long 07141-E-0001
MDI IRFEL Double BM Dipole.Drawing 07138-E-0001
MDJIRFEL Air Core. Vert. Corr. 5.479" ID, 8.9" long 07146-E-0001
MDK1-1/16 gap 4x4 pole 5" eff lgth, r51 in. bend MAG0030009-0000
MDNCorrector Magnet 3" X 12". 21112-E-0201
MDQ IRFEL Reverse Bend Dipole.Drawing 07137-E-0001
MDSDipole magnet, Polarized source, 15 degree bend
MDU IRFEL Short Injection Dipole. Drawing 07131-E-0001
MDV IRFEL Long Injection Dipole. Drawing 07132-E-0001
MDW IRFEL Optical Cavity Dipole. Drawing 07133-E-0001
MDX IRFEL Reverse Bend Dipole. Drawing 07134-E-0001
MDY IRFEL 180 Degree Bend Dipole. Drawing 07135-E-0001
MDZModified BZ - 4.5in gap,2m lg,10.504 wide 22161-3001
MECInj AirCore 10T 14AWG 380cmX30cm MAG0015517-0001
MEDInj AirCore 10Turn between Choppers MAG0015517-0005
MEEInj AirCore 10Turn between Chopper & QtrCryo MAG0015517-0010
MEMFEL 10KW Electro-Magnet Wiggler - MAG0070004-0000
MEWFEL 'DW' with 3.3 gap
MEZModified 'BZ' - 3.0 in gap 22161-2919
MFAFocusing lens (solenoid) 1.5 Amp CEBAF
MFBFocusing lens (solenoid) 3.0 Amp (U. of Illinois)
MFD5 MeV Mott dipole
MFFFEL Test Stand Solenoid. DWG MAG0090040-0001 replace 09120-0001
MFGChopper (8 cm bore) Injector Test Stand Solenoid. Drawing 09121-E-000
MFHFocusing lens (solenoid), 2.5" bore bakeable
MFJFocusing Lens (solenoid),9.7"Lg, 1040 Turns, Injector
MFKInjector Kicker,4coil,36 turns ea.,2 wire 18 turns/coil
MFLFocusing Lens (solenoid), injector
MFPFocusing Lens (solenoid), injector
MFQFocusing lens (polarized source)
MFRHalf focusing lens (polarized source)
MFS5 MeV Mott solenoid
MFZMod 'BZ'-Hall C 1.70" Gap 22161-2918
MGAIR FEL,Air Core Vert. Corrector, 7.50 gap - MAG0015516-0000
MGBIR FEL,Air Core Corrector, 300Gcm (
MGCIR FEL,Corrector 'SF' Vertical (MAG0020001-0000)
MGDIR FEL,Corrector Dispersion Vertical
MGFIR FEL,Corrector 'GQ' Horizontal (MAG0020005-0000)
MGGIR FEL, Corrector Length (MAG0020010-0000)
MGHIR REL, Trim Corrector Horizontal for GQ
MGQIR FEL, Dipole 3.33 Gap, 30 deg. face angle (MAG0030001-0000)
MGRIR FEL, Dipole 3.33 Gap, mini Optical chicane (MAG0030005-0000)
MGSIR FEL, Dispersion Magnet (MAG070001-0000)
MGUIR FEL, Dipole 3.00 Gap, parallel face (MAG0030006-0000)
MGVIR FEL, Dipole 3.00 Gap, 0 deg. face angle (MAG0030007-0000)
MGWIR FEL, Dipole 3.31 Gap, 10 deg ent angle 20 deg bend (MAG0030002-0000
MGXIR FEL, Dipole 3.33 Gap, 30 deg face angle (MAG0030003-0000)
MGYIR FEL, Dipole 2.365 Gap, 180 deg bend (MAG0030004-0000)
MGZIR FEL,Air Core Corrector,Horiz.2.75 gap 07142-0003
MHB1.5 in. ID Haimson corrector
MHCAir-core dipole corrector for 30 Hz System
MHDAir core corrector for A1
MHEInj Helicity AirCore - Litz Wire MAG0015518-0001
MHFInjector High Frequency (BS-S.Higgins)
MHHAir Core Corr. 191g cm/A dwg 07140-0201
MIMAir Core dipole, 25 turns, injector, dwg 21123-D-001
MITMass Inst of Tech-556 G-cm/Amp Hall A Compton 1mradian kick@6A(8V)
MJA12Gev 3m ARC dipole 1.0in H-steel (old BA) MAG0030012-0101 Assy
MJB12Gev 3m ARC dipole 1.5in H-steel (old BA) MAG0030012-0201 Assy
MJC12Gev 2m ARC dipole 1.5in H-steel (old BB) MAG0030012-0301 Assy
MJD12Gev 1m ARC dipole 0.5in H-steel (old BE) MAG0030012-0401 Assy
MJE12Gev 1m ARC dipole 1.5in H-steel (old BE) MAG0030012-0501 Assy
MJF12Gev 1m BSY dipole 1.5in H-steel (old BN) MAG0030012-0601 Assy
MJG12Gev 2m Ext dipole 1.113 gap MAG0030012-0701 Assy
MJH12Gev 2m Ext dipole 1.225 gap MAG0030012-0801 Assy
MJI12Gev 2m dipole 0.5 H-steel (old BR) MAG0030012-0901 Assy
MKLHall C Moeller Kicker, 28.0" long
MKRHall C Moeller Kicker, 5.5" lg,12 turn litz wire
MKSHall C Moeller Kicker, 11.0" long
MLALambertson magnet 22440-E-0001
MMAMagnet - Line "A" Moeller dipole (Los Alamos) 500 Amp
MMCHall A & C Compton dipoles (4 ea)
MOHIR FEL, Octupole - Anti-Halo MAG0080002-0000
MOTIR FEL, Octapole (MAG0080001-0000)
MPSPair Spectrometer - Hall B 66840-03402
MQAQuadrupole magnet 1Q12W 22232-E-0001
MQBQuadrupole magnet 2Q6WS 21122-E-0001
MQCQuadrupole magnet 2Q12W 22253-E-0001
MQDQuadrupole magnet 1.5Q6WC 24212-E-0001
MQE10Q36 Quadrupole (Argonne)
MQFLos Alamos Quadrupole
MQGIR FEL 2.12 in. bore, 6 in long, sparse lamination Quad. 07121-0000
MQIIR FEL Panofsky Quad, 4.0in bore, 6.0in lg 07124-0001
MQJQuadrupole magnet 1.5Q3W 24212-E-0101
MQK12GEV - 12inch Quad - 1.125 bore - 20 AMP MAG0050018-0001
MQL12GEV - 6inch Quad - 1.125 bore - 20 AMP MAG0050019-0001
MQM1 kw quadrupole magnet, Hall A, 14 inch square
MQN12GEV - 12inch Quad - 2.125 bore - 20 AMP MAG0050014-0001
MQO1 kw quadrupole magnet, Hall A, 21 inch square
MQP1.50 bore-12.0in long Quad-MAG0050016-0001
MQQ12Gev Quad QL and QN wired in series
MQR1.125 bore, 14.0 in long Quad-MAG0050016-0001
MQSAir Core Quad Corr, 20 turns,5.0 Amp, MAG0015515-0001
MQTIR FEL - Quad - Panofsky (trim) 6.0 long, 3.0 bore MAG0050010-0000
MQUAir Core Quad Corr, 54 Turn, 5 AMP MAG0015504-0001
MQV12Gev Dble QP wired in series ACC1200120-0047
MQWAir Core for Wein Filter, 4-50 turn coils
MQXIR FEL, Quad o3.0 bore, 6.0 lg (MAG0050001-0000)
MQY12Gev Quad 2.125 Bore, 242Kg(MAG0050018-0001)
MQZ(old FEL QS) 5.18 ctr,50 turns/coil, 16g/A
MRAFast Raster Dipole Magnet, 1.5R8.66W1.5/25200 Hall C
MRBHall C 1.5 inch dia. bore -Chen Yan
MRCSlow Raster Dipole Magnet, 1.5R15.75W6.5/400 Hall C
MRGHall 'C' GEN Raster Magnet-400 Ampere turns, .57 ohm
MRJDump Raster, Hall C, Alum. Wire, 6"Dx21"L, 80 total turns
MRKLine C 8.0in Kicker, 12 Turns Litz Wire
MSASextupole magnet 1S6 22312-E-0001
MSBSextupole magnet 2S6 22312-E-0101
MSCIR FEL Sextupole magnet. Drawing 07122-E-0001
MSDIR FEL 'SC' core w/10 layer, 24 turn coil MAG0060006-0005
MSE60Hz Raster/3phase motor 252/365g cm/A dwg 07111-0021
MSFIR FEL, Sextapole (MAG0060001-0000)
MSGIR FEL Dbl 'SC' w/50% PWR inc - MAG0060006-0001
MSNHall 'C' ENGE Splitpole Magnet (HNSS Experiment)
MSPHall 'C' Splitter Dipole (HNSS/HKS Experiment)
MSQACC-45o Quad, IR FEL 45o Air Core Skew Quad 48g/A 2coils 100 turns ea.
MSSFEL Mod 'SC' w/3.125 bore, MAG0060007-0000
MSUIR FEL Air Core Skew Quad, 32.5 g/A (old SQ) MAG0050012-0002
MSXAir Core Corr. 4.83g cm/4A 50 turns dwg 07140-0221
MTEIR FEL Trim for WE, 2.8micron MAG0070004-0040
MVHBidirectional corrector
MVSVertical Shunts for Compton Polarimeter Dipoles 'MC'
MVTAir Core Corr. 85g cm/A 100 turns 07140-0231
MWA IRFEL 40 Period Wiggler
MWBIR FEL, 10 KW Wiggler (MAG0070002-0000) Northup Grumman Sk-500-B1-5A
MWDIR FEL, W-55 Wiggler - MAG0070005-0000
MWEIR FEL, 2.8micron EM 10KW Wiggler MAG0070004-1000
MWFWien filter magnet
MWTIR FEL, Trim Corrector 'WB'
MXA12Gev 1m dipole 4.0Pole 84Turn MAG0030010-0101 Assy
MXB12Gev 1m dipole Curved3.5Pole 52Turn MAG0030010-0201 Assy
MXC12Gev 1m dipole 4.0Pole 60Turn MAG0030010-0301 Assy
MXD12Gev 1m dipole Curved3.5Pole 60Turn MAG0030010-0401 Assy
MXE12Gev 1m dipole Curved3.5Pole 56Turn MAG0030010-0501 Assy
MXF12Gev 1m dipole 4.0Pole 72Turn MAG0030010-0601 Assy
MXG12Gev 1m dipole 4.0Pole 36Turn MAG0030010-0701 Assy
MXH12Gev 1m dipole 5.0Pole 40Turn MAG0030010-0801 Assy
MXI12Gev 1m dipole 5.0Pole 72Turn MAG0030010-0901 Assy
MXJ12Gev 1m dipole 5.0Pole 72Turn MAG0030010-1001 Assy
MXK12Gev 1m dipole Curved4.19Pole 72Turn MAG0030010-1101 Assy
MXM12Gev 2m Curved dipole 3.50Pole 48Turn MAG0030010-1301 Assy
MXN12Gev 1m dipole 4.0Pole 40Turn MAG0030010-1401 Assy
MXO12Gev 1m dipole 4.0Pole 40Turn MAG0030010-1501 Assy
MXP12Gev 4m H-dipole 5.13Pole Turn MAG0030010-1601 Assy
MXQ12Gev B-Comm H-dipole modified AQ 104Turn MAG0030010-1701 Assy
MXR12Gev B-Comm H-dipole modified AW 120Turn MAG0030010-1801 Assy
MXS12Gev B-Comm H-dipole modified AS 84Turn MAG0030010-1901 Assy
MXT12Gev B-Comm H-dipole modified AX 124Turn MAG0030010-2001 Assy
MXU12Gev Curved 2.5m dipole 4.0Pole 64Turn MAG0030010-2101 Assy
MXV12Gev Curved 3m dipole 4.0Pole 52Turn MAG0030010-2201 Assy
MXW12Gev 1m dipole Curved3.75Pole 64Turn MAG0030010-2301 Assy
MXX12Gev 2m dipole Curved4.0Pole 60Turn MAG0030010-2401 Assy
MXY12Gev 2m dipole 5.0Pole 48Turn MAG0030010-2501 Assy
MYASeptum magnet 1Y40W02 22421-E-0001
MYBSeptum magnet 1Y40W25 22431-E-0001
MYRSeptum magnet 1Y80W25 22441-E-0001
MZA12Gev 3m Septum dipole MAG0030011-0001 Assy
MZB12Gev Lamberston Upgrade - MAG0030011-0101 Assy
NCIConductivity indicator
NMIMoisture indicator
NWPWater pump
ODOOptical Dump
OFMFlipper-Actuated Mirror
OGAResidual Gas Analyzer - FEL
OGFHigh Voltage Power Supply (Optical)
OKMKinematically-Mounted Mirror
OLCLaser Collimator
OLPIR FEL, Laser Positioning Monitor (DIA0010300-0000)
OLTLaser Terminator - Diagnostic Laser Beam Dump
OLZLaser Length in Z, Cavity Length Monitor
OMCCassette Mirror
OMGCavity Mirror, Gimbal Mount
OMMMirror Metrology, Optical Cavity Mirror Metro Sys (OCMMS)
OMXTransport Mirror
ONFOptical Attenuation Filter
OPLPulse Selector (Pockels Cell)
OPOOptical Power
OSMOptical Spectrometer
OTMTurning Mirror
OUVIR FEL, Ultra Viewer
OVAVacuum Assembly
OXMIR FEL, Insertable Mirror
PALAlignment System, Laser Straightness
PARAlignment System, Rotary Encoder
PBIBogie Drive Inner Enclosure
PBMBogie Drive Middle Enclosure
PBOBogie Drive Outer Enclosure
PCBControl Crate, Bogie Drive System
PCPControl Crate, Position Control
PDISuperconducting Dipole Magnet (Wang)
PHPHorizontal Positioning System
PQ1Quadrupole Q1
PQ2Quadrupole Q2
PQ3Quadrupole Q3
PRDDump Raster Magnet
PRRRaster Driver
PRTTarget Raster Magnet
PTCTarget, Scattering Chamber
PVPVertical Positioning System
RDEArc detector
RDRTuner drive
RFPField probe
RHOHigh Order Mode (remove excess RF)
RIARF Injector Acc. Capture Cavity (0I06)
RIBRF Injector Buncher (0I05 region)
RICInfrared Camera
RIHRF Injector Choppers (Qty2 0I03 & 0I04)
RINRF Injector Pre-Buncher(1I06, added 4/97)
RIRInfrared detector
RLSLimit switch
RMTMagnetostrictive tuner
RPZPiezos Step Motor Control
RRFR/F/Separator (2E region)
RS1Single module RF separator
RS2Double module RF separator
RS3Triple module RF separator
SBCBeam Current Monitor
SCBIntercom call-in station
SCMCCTV camera
SHNIntercom horn
SICSlow Beam Loss Ion Chamber
SIDCard reader
SIWInsertable Diffuser Window
SKBKey exchange box
SLDBeam Loss Detector
SMDMessage display
SOHODH Warning horn
SOLODH Warning light
SOMODH Monitor
SOXOxygen Sensor
SPNCard reader local control panel
SRBBoundary radiation monitor
SRHRadiation warning horn
SRLRadiation warning light
SRMArea radiation monitor
SRSRun/Safe box
SSKIntercom Speaker
VBVSlow vacuum valve - automatic
VCGCold cathode gauge
VCPCryo pump
VDPDifferential pressure
VEPElectrostatic precipitator
VFVFast vacuum valve - automatic
VGPGetter pump
VIGIon gauge
VIPIon Pump
VMPMechanical Pump
VMVManual valve
VPGPirani gauge
VRPRoughing pump
VRVRoughing Valve
VTBTurbo Pump
VTCThermocouple vacuum gauge
VTGTrigger gauge
VVVGeneral vacuum valve - automatic
WBVBall Valve
WCVCheck Valve
WGVGate Valve
WRVRelief Valve
WUVButterfly Valve
WWFWater Filter
WWSWater Strainer
XX CODE[ Sector or Subsystem System Description ]
0D100/500Kev Mott Polarimeter Dump Line
0FIRFEL Injector (Injector Test Stand)
0GIRFEL Injector Dump
0VFEL Drive Laser
1GIRFEL Extraction Dump & Chicane
1LNorth Linac (3L, 5L, 7L, 9L may be used to indicate higher passes
1PCompton Polarimeter line in Hall A stub tunnel
1VIR FEL Optical Cavity,Transport,Control Rm & Labs
2FFEL 1st Reverse Bend
2GFEL Straight Ahead Dump
2IInjector Gun #2 - Beam Line
2LSouth Linac YY: cryomodule #:02, 03, 04, 05, etc.
2VUV FEL Optical Cavity, Transport,Control Rm & Labs
3FFEL Backleg
3IInjector Gun #3 Beam Line
3PCompton Polarimeter Hall C - After Shield Wall
3VIR FEL Tera-Hz Experiment Line
4FFEL Optical Cavity (Wiggler)
4VFEL X-Ray Experiment
54FEL-TL CHL Bayonet Can
55FEL-TL Expansion Can
56FEL-TL East End
5CLine D - Transport to Tagger Dump
5FFEL 2nd Reverse Bend
5HHall D
5PLine D Photon Beam Colimator
5VFEL Helios Experiment
6VUV FEL Tera-Hz Experiment Line
71Hall A Spectrometer, Electron Arm
72Hall A Spectrometer, Hadron Arm
74Hall A Target
75Hall A Transfer Line
7DEnergy Recovery Line - So Linac
7VFEL Experiment - TBD-
82Hall B Polarized Target
8VFEL Experiment -TBD-
9DHall C Dump Line
9VFEL Experiment - TBD-
AA12GeV - West Arc, 10th Pass
AE12GeV-West Extraction-10th pass to Halls A,B,C
AR12GeV - West Recombiner - 10th Pass
BE12GeV - East Extraction for Hall D
BS12GeV - East Spreader, 11th Pass for Hall D
D0Injector 500KEV Mott Line & Dump
EAEast Arc
EREnergy Recovery Qtr & Half Chicane
IL#53 - Injector Service Bldg
NA#67 - North Access Building
NL#01 - North LINAC Service Bldg
OCFEL Optical Cavity
OTFEL Optical Transport (includes Drive Laser)
PDPolarized dump line
RBRecirculation in the pre-accelerator
S0FEL Gun Test Stand - Injections
S1FEL Gun Test Stand - SRF Cavity
S2FEL Gun Test Stnad - Diagnostic & Dump Line
SA#38 - South Access Bldg
SB#98 - BSY Service Bldg
SL#02 - South LINAC Service Bldg
TDHall B Tagger Dump Line
W1#82 - W1 Service Bldg
W2#68 - W2 Service Bldg
WAWest Arc
00Compressor - System Control
01Compressor - #1
02Compressor - #2
03Compressor - #3
04Compressor - #4
05Compressor _ #5
06Compressor - #6
08Compressor - Purifier System
09Compressor - Guard Vacuum System
11Refrigerator - High Pressure Stream
12Refrigerator - Medium Pressure Stream
13Refrigerator - Low Pressure Stream
14Refrigerator - Cold Compressor Stream
15Nitrogen System
16LHe Dewar, TL, and Pump
17Oil System
18Nitrogen System
19Vacuum System
20CTF System Control
21CTF Compressor - #1
22CTF Compressor - #2
23CTF Compressor - #3
24CTF Cold Box - #1 & He Distribution
25CTF Cold Box - #2
26CTF Cold Box - #3
27CTF R & D
28CTF Purifier System & N2 System
29CTF Vacuum System
40NW End of TL
41Tee Area of North Linac TL
42NE End of TL
43North Linac CHL Expansion Boxes
44Supply and Return Headers
50SW End of TL
51Tee area of South Linac TL
52SE End of TL
53South Linac CHL Expansion Boxes
60ESR System Control and Gas Return
61ESR Compressor #1
62ESR Compressor #2
63ESR Compressor #3
64ESR Compressor #4
65End Station TL
66ESR Refrigerator
67ESR Valve Box
68ESR Purifier
69ESR Vacuum System
70Hall A Gas Return
80Hall B Gas Return
81Hall B CLAS
85Hall B TL
90Hall C Gas Return
91Hall C Spectrometer #1
92Hall C Spectrometer #2
93Hall C Spectrometer #3
95Hall C TL
D3Hall C Dump
1HHall A
2HHall B
3HHall C
T3Hall C Target
D1Hall A Dump
D2Hall B Dump
SDFast shutdown system
0IUnpolarized injector
0RRecombiner between pre-accelerator and the north linac
1AFirst Arc - lowest energy line
1CTransport Channel to end station A
1DSpectrometer beam line in the 500 KeV section
1EFirst Extractor - lowest energy line
1IPolarized injector
1RFirst Recombiner - lowest energy line
1SFirst Spreader - lowest energy line
2ASecond Arc - lowest energy line
2CTransport Channel to end station B
2DSpectrometer beam line in the 5 MeV section
2ESecond Extractor - lowest energy line
2RRecombiner between second arc and north linac
2SSecond Spreader - lowest energy line
2TTransport Channel Two
3AThird Arc - next energy line
3CTransport Channel to end station C
3D5 MeV Mott Polarimeter dump line
3EThird Extractor - next energy line
3MMoller polarimeter, Line 3C
3RThird Recombiner - next energy line
3SThird Spreader - next energy line
4AFourth Arc - next energy line
4CDump beam line in BSY stub
4DSpectrometer beam line in the 45 MeV section
4EFourth Extractor - next energy line
4RRecombiner between fourth arc and north linac
4SFourth Spreader - next energy line
4TTransport Channel Four
5AFifth Arc - next energy line
5DAcc. Injector - Positron Beam Line
5EFifth Extractor - next energy line
5RFifth Recombiner - next energy line
5SFifth Spreader - next energy line
6ASixth Arc - next energy line
6ESixth Extractor - next energy line
6RRecombiner between sixth arc and north linac
6SSixth Spreader - next energy line
6TTransport Channel Six
7ASeventh Arc - next energy line
7ESeventh Extractor - next energy line
7RSeventh Recombiner - next energy line
7SSeventh Spreader - next energy line
8AEighth Arc - next energy line
8DDump beam line at end of injection chicane at 0R07 (temporary)
8EEighth Extractor - next energy line
8RRecombiner between eighth arc and north linac
8SEighth Spreader - next energy line
8TTransport Channel Eight
9ANinth Arc - highest energy line
9ENinth Extractor - highest energy line
9RNinth Recombiner - highest energy line
9SNinth Spreader - highest energy line
AS12GeV - West Spreader - 10th Pass
ATTransport Channel Ten
EOSpectrometer beam line in the 500 Ke V section
NSDump beam line in north stub
RCRecirculation chicane in the pre-accelerator
XX CODEYY CODE[ Locator System Description ]
0000Location description
0001Location description
0300Locator Description 00
0301Location description 01
0L00Reflects no upstream quad up to this point in this sector/subsystem.
0LINDistributed skew quad in the injector magnet system
1L00Location description reflrcts no upstream quad up to this point in this sector or subsyste
1L1HDistributed skew quadrupole in 1st half of linac magnet system.
1L2HDistributed skew quadrupole in the injector in the magnet system.
1LYYReflects no upstream quad up to this point in this sector or subsystem.
2L00Reflects no upstream quad up to this point in this sector or subsystem.
2L1HDistributed skew quadrupole in the injector in the magnet system.
2L2HDistributed skew quadrupole in the 1st half of linac in the magnet system.
2LIRFirst cryyomodule is #2; the last is #26.
2LYYThe cryomodule number which matches the "zone" number the 1st cryomodule is #02,the last i
71MTServomotor S-4075-RH04AN, Bogie Enclosures.
71TCTrim Coil Power Supply
72MTServomotor S-4075-R-H04AN, Bogie Enclosures.
72TCTrim Coil Power Supply.
D300Location Description or Element Number
EAMUMake up water flow
EARLReturn line
EASLSupply line
WAMUMake up water flow
WARLReturn line
WASLSupply line
ZZ CODE[ Element Numbers System Description ]
A Second identical component with the same YY design
H Horizontal Corrector Dipole
LWLCW water system, Accelerator
V Vertical Corrector Dipole
00Element number description
01Element number description
02Element number description
00Element number description
01Element number description
1 Cavity number
2 Cavity number
01Element number description